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    Installation is as easy as passing a #51 Drill Bit (0.067 inches) through the existing opening in the shell and inserting the SBS4DCC Athearn Headlight LED Assembly.  Then, simply attach the wire leads to the loco mechanism or decoder according to the manufacturers instructions and Viola!

    This listing is for (1) HO Scale Athearn Headlight LED Assembly with Warm White LED. (4 Needed for front and rear on average loco) The LED assembly is fitted with a 0805 Surface Mount LED pre-wired with 32ga superflex wire. The LED comes with a 1000 ohm resistor that can be attached to the cathode making it suitable for use with most DCC systems and decoders. The 32ga  wire leads are approximately (6") six inches long. A red wire is connected to the annode (+) and a black wire to the cathode (-). The lens is cast from clear plastic.
    The lens assy measures approximately 1.7 mm diameter x 10.0 mm long. The LED is rated at 3.2 fV at 20 mA.
    These tiny lights are perfect for use in DC or DCC decoder installations where ever professional-looking LED lighting is desired.
    This product can be used with all major decoder brands including TCS (Train Control Systems), NCE (North Coast Engineering), MRC (Model Rectifier Corp), Lenz, ESU-Loksound, QSI, Digitrax, and Soundtraxx.
    Manufacturers Website: Streamlined Backshop Services