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    NixTrainz Decoder Buddy –

    Motherboard for 21 Pin decoders Allows for easy Installation of LED’S and Keep-Alives

    Decoder Buddy Information
    This product is versatile in terms of direction of the placement of the board and mounting in various configurations. It can easily replace a QSI board, a Dual Mode decoder board or be mounted directly on the electric motor or frame with Kapton tape. (It is recommended that a piece of Kapton tape be placed on the bottom of the mother board to assure electrical isolation from the electric motor or frame.)

    Please Note

    • This mother board does not include the 21 Pin Decoder.
    • This mother board and connector board require soldering.
    • These printed circuit boards are NOT FOR USE IN A DC SYSTEM.
    • The on board resistors are sized for LEDs. (2.2K)

    Included on the mother board

    • One 21 Pin Decoder receptacle
    • Two pairs of track input pads
    • One pair of motor input pads
    • One pair of keep alive pads (U+ and GND),
    • Two pairs of speaker pads wired in parallel,\
    • Resistors for use with LED lighting. (on board 2.2K)

    The connector board contains pads for eight pairs of lighting function connections. U+ or the blue wire has eight connected pads for the common power source. The negative (-) discrete function pads are all labeled to indicate their connection to the functions available in the decoder.

    If you require incandescent lamps there are procedures that require soldering and allow for incandescent lamp use. Remember there are different incandescent lamp voltages that have to be taken into consideration also.

    The lighting connector was designed so that the shell of the diesel locomotive can be easily separated from the frame without unsoldering wires. This does require that the headlight and rear lights be mounted in the shell of the locomotive and that the diesel has a removable dynamic brake shell.